Anger:Ā aĀ strongĀ feelingĀ ofĀ displeasureĀ andĀ belligerenceĀ arousedĀ byĀ aĀ wrong;Ā wrath;Ā ire.


Anger can be a hard emotion to deal with. At times, I would let the smallest things get the best of my emotions. One recommendation I have is: DO NOT do anything you know you’ll regret due to your anger. I used to be angry all the time. Remaining in that state of mind would cause me to do and say things that didn’t end well. It’s an emotion, a feeling. Everyone gets angry once in a while. (Somore more than others.) The main thing to do is find ways to control it and cope with it, whether it’s through deep breathing, counting backwards, listening to music, drawing, working out, etc.

One example is being at work and having to deal with rude or unfriendly customers. It can be difficult to deal with. You can make the decision to be rude and unwelcoming in return, which may cause you to lose your job, or you can count to three, take a deep breath, and then react.

Anger doesn’t only affect your mood. It affects your relationship with others as well. Some people can’t sense a vibe from others, like negativity.

Remember the times you are upset or angry. There are a million reasons to smile and be happy!

F. E. A. R.


Fear:Ā aĀ distressingĀ emotionĀ arousedĀ byĀ impendingĀ danger,Ā evil,Ā pain,Ā etc., whetherĀ theĀ threatĀ isĀ realĀ orĀ imagined;Ā theĀ feelingĀ orĀ conditionĀ ofĀ beingĀ afraid.

I like to define the word Fear as “Face Everything And Rise” or “Forget Everything And Run”. One of my biggest fears in life is failure. I hate disappointing others, including family, friends, co-workers, etc. but mainly myself. I used to be afraid of not achieving my goals in life and not being successful. I felt like giving up once things got too complicated or “hard” to maintain. Then, I realized nothing comes easy in life; nothing is handed on a silver platter. You must work hard and stay focus on whatever it is you set your mind to, and you certainly cannot do that while operating on fear. Take risks in life. Itā€™s not about how many times you fail or have fallen. It’s about not staying down, getting up, and rising. You are in control of your life. Face your fears and believe in yourself!

J. E.


Providence Pride!


June 17th was Providence’sĀ PRIDE FEST! It was the first Pride festival Iā€™ve ever attended! I had such an amazing experience and unforgettable memories. There were many different and unique looks and fashion styles and tons of different organizations celebrating and supporting the LGBT community. The vibes were great; the environment was nice and friendly (good for taking photos); and there was good music, dancing, lip syncing, face painting, and you canā€™t forget about the delicious food and drinks!

iHeart Radio


“There is a God that loves us”

If Iā€™ve had to pick one memory as my favorite memory from Pride Fest, it would have to be the dancing and lip-syncing portion. I loved seeing everyone enjoying themselves and getting along. There was no hate, judgement, or negativity, just smiles and laughter.




I felt like a judge onĀ RuPaul’s Drag Race watching this performance above. SheĀ was giving me life! I loved seeing others doing what they lovedto do. The crowd was awesome. I clapped and cheered along, even if some of the performers weren’t that great (no shade).


Grandpa came out to play and gave no care about what anyone thought. He was solo and all.


I did meet some incredible people and took photos with those who I thought were interesting.

Drag Queen


Ryanna Woods

EgoĀ IMG_1182


I didn’t get a chance to take too many photos because I was having the time of my life speaking to others and coming together as one. With all of the hate and negativity in the world, it was wonderful knowing that not everyone is hateful. To be honest, I was a little afraid to attend Ā Pride Fest because it’s no secret that the LGBTQ community is being targeted. I considered not going and waiting until next year, but who knows what will happen by then. I can’t live my life in fear and you shouldn’t either. No matter who doesn’t support you or the thing you do, you keep doing it for YOURSELF! Not everyone is going to like you or understand everything you do. Stay true to yourself, surround yourself around positive people, and love yourself. Just like RuPaul would say ” If you don’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love someone else?”


#ControversialConversation – Transgender Truth


On last week’s first Controversial Conversation, we asked our followers: Should transgender people feel obligated to tell their partner that they were once the opposite sex, especially on the first date/encounter?

Although, we didn’t have an overwhelming outcry, the answers we did have were mostly: YES.

As someone who has friends in the LGBTQ community, I disagree wholeheartedly. This is due to the following reason: When you are transgender and you identify as the opposite sex from which you are born, Ā  you are that gender, in my opinion. For example, if you were a male and now are a female, you are a female. That’s who you are. It is up to you whether or not you choose to share your past because that’s just what it is…your past. There’s no use in identifying with something that you used to be and are not.

I believe that just like we can choose to not disclose our past high school year or college year experience, we can choose not to disclose our past genders. I know some of you may see this differently and as complex, and in some cases it can be. However, I think of it like this: If I fell in love with someone, and one day they woke up and all that was different was their sex, that wouldn’t change how I would feel about them.